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This a Live view from our place


Show Starts Every day

From 5:30pm to 12:30am Eastern Time

A total of 15 Christmas Songs Sequencent to Lights

Audio Transmitted on 90.1FM

What you see is over 4,000 lights sequenced to 48 channels of music

More Next Year

Location Hamilton, Ontario

Contact us @

ve3bnw at


Why we do it

Ever since I was a Kid I loved to put decorations up, From making popcorn strings to hang on the tree to gluing paper chains together to decorate my room.
As time went on and I got married had a family, I got back into the Christmas spirit. I bought my Wife some hard to find glass illuminated rain deer. But someone decided they wanted them more and stole all our decorations. We where put back a bit but decided to come back with a vengeance. That is when the computer controlled lights came about. Plus more sacurity. Now seeing the smiles from the passing Children and Adults alike makes it all worth while


Technical Stuff

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